The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus


Noble Grand Humbug Matthew “Metric” Ebert
Vice Noble Grand Humbug Fred “Who, ME?” Eldred
Grand Noble Recorder Josh “Skynyrd” LaChew
Gold Dust Receiver Travis “Travesty” Stransky
Grand Imperturbable Hangman Rob “Frabjous” Day
Grand Musician Jeff “El Jefe” Johnson
Roisterous Iscutis Bud “Toto” Gibson
Clamps Petrix (asst bar) “Roofied” Tom Gonzales
Clamps Matrix (2nd bar) Nick “The Nick” Nicasio
Royal Matrix (asst cook) Gary “Dusty” Mack
2nd Assistant Cook Jason“Pestmaster”Virden
DamnFoolDoorkeeper #2 (w/HM) Wes “Reverend” Francis

Clampatriarch Victor Mena
HAWKER FOR LIFE Geno “Beano” Oliver
Proctor Ken Moser
Shadow Government Czar Tim Pearce
Historian Jeffrey “Il Jefe” Johnson

Christopher Brooks
Donald “Earie” Eddington
Wes Francis, Jr
Gregg Goodwill
Josh Rogers
Pat Schmid
Josh Shehorn
Will Varney
Rick Vawter

Community Parade Organizer – Bud Toto Gibson
Bonafide Barker – Brett “Short, Round, But Mighty Cute” Stockwell
Robert Gonzalez – Domus Maximus

…and so recorded.

* they just made this one up to see who’s paying attention.