JUNK Aug 28 – 30, 6025 (2020 CE)

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

A tentative plan for the next JUNK trip, Fri., August 28 – Sun., Aug. 30, 6025 (2020CE)
By Metric

Here is a link to a proposed route from Jeffrey D Johnson, Historian and Minister of Inert Gases. The first goal is getting to the campsite on Friday, August 28.

Barrel Springs Road Camp, Nevada

Please note the switchbacks coming from Vya. It may be necessary for people with long trailers to approach from Ft. Bidwell side, although the road is quite wide. Here are some photos from the camp:

Here is a link that shows travel from Vya to the camp to Ft. Bidwell to Three Corners.

The NFB, 55015 Main St, Fort Bidwell, CA 96112 (530) 708-1070 Bar and Restaurant. Closes at 8 pm.

Originally, we were going to go to Massacre Ranch, but we may not make it this trip.
Massacre? What Massacre? Nevada Historical Society Quarterly, Winter 1977

Mike Bilbo says:
Those foundations [Massacre] are part of a “company street” that may have been more like a platoon. The rock walls indicate “stockaded” tents, where the tents were placed on top of the walls, likely A-frames which the mid-19th Century Cavalry still used, while the Infantry had gone to dog tents (which later became pup tents). Stockaded tents gave more room and weather protection. You’ll have to look carefully for foundation indications of other tent stockades, where the rock were mined out for other things, either by ranchers or recreationists (fire rings, etc). I never measured those and you might do that.
If they are 7-9 feet long and 5-6 feet wide, A-frames. If they are 5 feet long by 4 feet wide, Dog Tents. Because Camp (actually Fort) McGarry and Soldier Meadows Ranch (outlying picket post of Fort McGarry) were 1st Regiment, U.S. Cavalry during the Civil War, I suspect Massacre Ranch was another 1st Cav Regt picket post. I suspect that because of CW-period artifacts a looter told me he had collected in 1999 (he didn’t know I was a BLMer – I wasn’t able to get him busted because I didn’t catch him in the act, so just kept quiet hoping for that opportunity, but it never happened). He found 1st Regiment Cavalry insignia and a 1st Cav-marked rosette from bridle. While I don’t like metal detectors, you might take one along to see if you can find more evidence, like eagle buttons, 2-piece spoons, dippers (tin cups). It’s also possible later troops including turn-of-the-century used that place. If you find things, photo them and leave in place but secrete so others won’t take them. I can help you identify anything you find. If I can’t ID things, I have friends who can.

BLM brochure 1992