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Welcome to Julia C Bulette 1864!

Our chapter is located in Virginia City, Nevada. This site contains all the information on our events, officers, and assorted happenings. Come visit our meetings on the first Tuesday of each month at the Clamper Hall in Virginia City, just down the street from Piper's Opera House.

June Doin’s

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The bell will toll, over the grand metropolis of Virginia City, for those poor blind candidates to come from near and afar, as the hewgag shall bray to hasten the arrival of the brethren on June 28, 6019. All PBC’s, clean and sober, shall be turned over to Hangman Pirate Mike and his band of merry 601’s by 10:00 A.M Saturday at the Moran Building, 34 N. B St. The rub is $35.00 fer red shirts and $65..00 fer those who are yet unenlightened. The Doin’s site is at Cottonwood Springs. To get there turn off of state RT 341 2 miles N. of Virginia City onto Lousetown Rd. After 1 mile turn right onto Long Valley Rd. Proceed 3.6 miles and you’re there. If you got one them fancy mapping devices {smart phone} it’s 39°22’34.57″ N 119°34’55.12″ W. Early arrival is encouraged Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. For a small donation we will have a little something for food on Friday. A little slippery, a killer meal from Roisterous Iscutis John “black steak” Herrrington on Saturday, and a nice show of initiation antics fer yer mere pittance of a rub..

GC rules apply no stuff shirts, polo matches, explosive devices, widders, dogs, and only smiley – happy PBC’s.

Note. I really don’t know RI. John’s nickname