57th Annual Candlelight Initiation – POSTPONED!

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

“First Chapter in Nevada”
Noble Grand Humbug Matthew “El Colchón” Ebert Presents
57th Annual Candlelight Initiation
Saturday, April 11, 6025 (2020 C.E.)
34 North B Street, Virginia City NV 89440

Bar opens at 12:04 pm
Courtesy of Grand Musician Jeffrey D. “El Jefe” Johnson, M.N.G., X.N.G.H.
NO LATER than 1:03 pm
PBCs presented to the Imperturbable Hangman Robert “Frabjous” Day
Dinner at 6 pm
Provided by Rositerous Iscutis Bud “Toto” Gibson, Jr.
AUCTION 7:07 pm
Organized by Gold Dust Receiver Travis Stransky
PLEASE contact him regarding donation of items
Conducted by Bonafide Barker Brett “Corto y Redondo” Stockwell

$40 redshirts
$65 for PBCs over 55
$75 for PBCs 45 – 54
$85 for PBCs 40 – 44
$95 for PBCs 39 and younger…
with a note from your Mom saying it’s OK.