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Welcome to Julia C Bulette 1864!

Our chapter is located in Virginia City, Nevada. This site contains all the information on our events, officers, and assorted happenings. Come visit our meetings on the first Tuesday of each month at the Clamper Hall in Virginia City, just down the street from Piper's Opera House.

Candlelight 6019

Posted by Tim | Posted in JCB 1864 Events, Uncategorized | Posted on 21-02-2014


 Harken the hewgag blows upon the Comstock. Noble Grand Humbug Bob “AAAAY” Stransky announces the particulars of the Julia C Bulette Chapter 1864 Candlelight Doin’s 6019. On April 12 the doors of the Moran Building 34 N. B St. Virginia City, will be thrown open at 2:00 PM for all Clamper’s to imbibe in merriment and liquid refreshment  PBC”s of the elderly or handicap type to register and turn themselves over to Hangman Pirate Mike and his band of 601’s by 4:00 PM. Dinner at 6:00 PM. in Clampertime. Redshirts $35. PBC’s over 50 $65. PBC’s between 40 and 50 $70. and under 40 $75. For you Clampers coming from long distances or just far out, The Silver Queen @775-847-0440 and The Silverland @ 775-847-4484 have Clamp friendly accomodations

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Is the Candlelight also for active duty law enforcement?

What is the price for them?


I am SO stoked! I’ve been sponsored and will be at the Candlelight 6019! What an honor! It only took 27 years on the Comstock.

You can call me Red Wine – but we’ll see about that, right?

Your upcoming, humble, blind photographer (?)……


Hi Alan,

Yes, the Candlelight is for active duty law enforcement. However, there is no special price other than the age breakdown listed above.

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