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Our chapter is located in Virginia City, Nevada. This site contains all the information on our events, officers, and assorted happenings. Come visit our meetings on the first Tuesday of each month at the Clamper Hall in Virginia City, just down the street from Piper's Opera House.

Nevada Day Ball 2013

Posted by Tim | Posted in JCB 1864 Events | Posted on 15-10-2013


Throw on yer red shirt and stompin’ boots, grab yer widder, and set on yer ass and haul her on up to the Moran Building in Virginia City for the annual Widder’s Ball on Oct. 26, 6018.

Click here to download the PDF invitation.

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Hello fellow brothers, I’m a member of the brethren from Estanislao Chapter 58 out of Northern California for 7 years. I’ve recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and was wondering if ya’ll had any information regarding a chapter closer down in this part of NV. I need my meetings and not able to travel too far at the moment. Ive been looking all over for the info. with no luck and was wondering if there was one down here at all. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance. Hang the bastards!

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