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Welcome to Julia C Bulette 1864!

Our chapter is located in Virginia City, Nevada. This site contains all the information on our events, officers, and assorted happenings. Come visit our meetings on the first Tuesday of each month at the Clamper Hall in Virginia City, just down the street from Piper's Opera House.

Nevada Day Widder’s Ball 2016

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Kevin Breckenridge & Widder Tracie Request the Honor of  Your Presence at the 52nd Annual Nevada Day Widders Ball October 22, 2016 Doors Open 4:33 PM • Dinner 6:32 PM
Raffle • Live Music Moran Bldg. 34 North B St. Virginia City, NV Period Dress Encouraged! Costume Contests and Dancing Commences Shortly After Dining. $55 per Couple with Advance Reservations $60 per Couple after October 2nd Singles $30 at the Door Guests Welcome — No Minors Send Gold Dust to Julia Bulette P.O. Box 85, Virginia City, NV 89440 Pre-paid tickets will be waiting at the door.

Click here to download flier. 

Julia’s Candlelight Initiation, April 9 2016

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Download flyer here.

JCB 1864 Donates Plaque to Amtrak Depot Building

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E Clampus Vitus (Clampers) donated yesterday a large, heavy plaque to commemorate the historical significance of the train depot downtown.

The plaque was presented to the Reno City Council to recognize a slice of Reno’s history.

The inscription reads:

“The railway reached Reno in June and shortly afterwards the original station was replaced by the much grander wood framed Depot Hotel. This two story building had the best rooms and restaurant in early Reno.”

The plaque is inscribed with the date June 26, 6020, which is 4005 years from 2015, an addition similar to what Masons do.

“We had a little shindig over by the train station of that day (in June of 2015),” said the Clampers representative, Tim, who presented the plaque to the council.

Council members voted unanimously to accept the donation.

“Not only is it informative, it looks like it’s built to be incredibly sturdy,” remarked Councilwoman Neoma Jardon.

The Clampers would like to donate a plaque a year to the city, and Councilman David Bobzien praised the gift.

“I would like to express my thanks to the Julia Bulette chapter,” he said. (Julia Bulette was a prostitute and madam during Virginia City’s mining boom of the 1800s.) “This ancient and honorable organization is first and foremost is a service organization.”

Bobzien said there was a typo in the donation agreement.

Wikipedia’s description of the group:

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus (ECV) is a fraternal organization dedicated to the study and preservation of the heritage of the American West, especially the history of the Mother Lode and gold mining regions of the area. The fraternity is not sure if it is a ‘historical drinking society’ or a ‘drinking historical society.’”

It is said that E Clampus Vitus has more than 10,000 members.

The plaque reads:

The Reno Depots

Myron Lake, owner of the nearby toll bridge, deeded acreage to the Central Pacific Railroad to locate the depot at this site.

In April 1868 the CPRR platted the area and on May 9th auctioned the lots and constructed a utilitarian wood depot. The railway reached Reno in June and shortly afterwards the original station was replaced by the much grander wood framed Depot Hotel. This two story building had the best rooms and restaurant in early Reno. In 1871 the Virginia and Truckee Railroad laid tracks to the Depot Hotel, and a third floor was added in 1876. The addition burned the following year and was quickly repaired. The Great Fire of 1879 completely destroyed the building. That same year a larger and even grander Depot Hotel was built with three stories, 47 rooms, a bar, and offices for both railroads. The Depot Hotel once again burned to the ground in 1889. The CPRR decided not to fund another Depot Hotel, instead building a small brick one story station with a slate roof.

In 1926 the Southern Pacific Railroad replaced the station with a more traditional Depot at the east end of this block. An annex was built on the west end of the Depot to provide access to the lowered tracks. Amtrak officially moved into the former SP Station in January 2006.

Dedicated June 26, 6020 (2015)

Julia C. Bulette Chapter

E Clampus Vitus

Original post: http://thisisreno.com/2016/01/clampers-donate-plaque-to-amtrak-depot-building/

List of Officers – 6021

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A new year is upon us, and the Demotions handed down. Better Know a Clamper:

Kevin Breckinridge – Noble Grand Humbug
Reid Slayden – Vice Noble Grand Humbug
Pirate Mike Halverson – Grand Noble Recorder
Don Asher – Gold Dust Receiver
Victor Mena – Hangman
Doug Mattice – Grand Musician
Matthew “Metric” Ebert – Roisterous Iscutis
Cupcake Roberto – Royal Platrix
Dave Silva – Clamps Petrix
Randy Reynolds – Clamps Matrix
Fred Eldred – Clamps Vitrix
Holy Joe Wells – Damn Fool Doorkeeper #1
Bob Giggles Colaizzi – Damn Fool Doorkeeper #2
Robert (Bigmouth) Gonzales – Custos Domus
Tim Pierce – Clampatriarch

601s: Beau Valory, Steve Henry, Buster Hyman, Christopher Brooks, Joe Lachew, Nick Nicosia, Mike West, Joe Krivac, Chad Keele, Charles Gibson, Bob Thomason, Patrick Paine, Dick Jones, Jeff Ohlin, Jamie Ames, Dan Yriarte, Mat Littrell, Pat Schmid, Colin Breckinridge

Honorary Officers:
Elmore Chandler – Resides in the Silver Hills, His Contribution to the ECV Building Will Never Be Forgotten
Johnny Gunn – Angel of Peace; John Roberts – Old Fart; Brett Stockwell – Julia’s Official BB (Bonafide Barker)

Tim’s Junque Trip Rough draft

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<pierce’s junk

Candle Light Doin’s

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Harken the hewgag brays over the Comstock for the Candle light initiation for those poor lost souls seeking to see the light. The Moran Building will open at 2:oo PM. for the early birds on June 11.

Nevada Day Ball 2014

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Granite Creek Station – Historic Reno Preservation Society, 7 pm, Nov. 19, 2014

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Archeological study of the emigrant station at Granite Creek Station in the Black Rock Desert
Wednesday, November 19th at 7:00 pm
Laxalt Theater at 401 W. Second Street, Reno, NV
The program will be a fascinating look at the  Please remember to arrive early as our programs fill up fast!

Color photo is courtesy of Laura Sechrist and features the Granite Creek Station site.

November 19th — Twelve Inches from Hell: Archaeology at a Black Rock Desert Stagecoach Station Between 1852 and 1869 — Teaching and Research Assistant and HRPS’ 2014 University of Nevada, Reno scholarship recipient, Laura Sechrist, will present her research results about this emigrant station. Granite Creek Station in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert provided trade goods, rest, and a source of water for emigrants, travelers and stagecoaches after they crossed the alkaline playa. Though emigrant diaries and other written sources provide some information about this station, the archaeology was able to challenge some emigrant accounts, confirm others, and help fill in the details of everyday life at this 19th century trading post, stagecoach station, and military camp.

To read an excerpt about Granite Creek Station from Session “Buck” Wheeler’s The Nevada Desert, Click Here.

Granite Creek Station - L Seachrist

Sweet Julia’s Widders Ball

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October 25, doors at 5:31, dinner at 6:32. $60 for couples, $30 singles. Food, music, raffle, good times. Download flier here.

Owen Ritchie XnGH 47 JCB 1864

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Owen Ritchie, War hero, Helicopter survivor and XNGH #47 JCB 1864 has gone to the Silver Hills after a long battle with the effects of Agent Orange in Nocona Texas. What say the Bretheran?