Julia C Bulette Chapter #1864
E Clampus Vitus

Credo Quia Absurdum...  I believe it because it is absurd.


We install plaques and monuments to commemorate moments in Nevada history, usually related to mining or peculiar people and events.


The Chapter is completely funded by the proceeds from our various field trips and bacchanaliae for members.


Per caritate viduaribus et orphanibusque sed prime viduaribus.


The Ancient and Honorable Order of ECV

First, what does E Clampus Vitus mean? Well, that is the greatest mystery of all, because none of us know what it means!

Second, what is the purpose of the society? There is a description of the society that all of you have heard. It is claimed ECV is a historical drinking society; others claim it to be a drinking historical society. The debate continues; it has never been solved.

Third, the objectives of ECV are well known: Members swear to take care of the widows and orphans — especially the widows.




All the members of E Clampus Vitus are Officers of Equal Indignity, but somehow these fools managed to get themselves demoted all the way to some perceived level of authority or responsibility.
Only time and trials will disabuse them of such folly.

Matthew “El Futon” Ebert

Noble Grand Humbug

The Epitome of Middle Management, ignominiously squished between Greybeards and redshirts.

Frrd “Who ME?” Eldred

Vice Noble Grand Humbug

The Chairman of every committee, to be blamed for everything that goes wrong and half of what goes right.

Josh “Skynyrd” LaChew

Grand Noble Recorder

Essentially, the Secretary.Takes the minutes and helps with the mailings. Mostly watches to see what everyone else is doing.

Travis “Travesty” Stransky

Gold Dust Receiver

Show me the money. Collect the receipts. Pay the Bills. Produce highly complexified financial reports. Or, not.

Rob “Frabjous” Day

Grand Imperturbable Hangman

The Man in Charge of 601s, Privys and PBCs. Sergeant-at-Arms at meetings and director of events.

Jeffrey D. Johnson

Grand Musician

Runs the Bar, purchases libations, and checks for conterfeit wooden nickles.

Bud “Toto” Gibson

Roisterous Iscutis

Cooks the vittles. Arguably the most important and thankless job of them all. Don’t burn the beans.

“Roofied” Tom Gonzales

Clamps Matrix

Assistant to the Bartender. Keep the juices flowing.

Who was Julia?

Nevada’s history is filled with notable women, some, as with Julia C. Bulette, for actions that today are socially questionable, even illegal in some counties. With Bulette, her notoriety began with the beginnings of what is now a state, and with such notoriety come legends, fiction filled legends that are fun to discuss, but have no basis in fact…. A town filled with men looking to get rich is a prize worth going after for any respectable prostitute…. Bulette arrived in 1863, after working in many of California’s mining camps as a prostitute, and set up shop. There are some that believe she may have been among the first of her profession to do so, but that is highly unlikely. The villages of Dayton, Johntown, and Silver City existed before the Comstock Lode was discovered. There are few records available from the period detailing the lives of prostitutes, and much of what has been written about Bulette is pure fiction. What is known is that she was a friend to the fire companies of the district, even being made an honorary member of Engine Company Number One….


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